Why Pick Vinyl Plank Flooring Edmonton?

by | Jul 24, 2023 | Vinyl Plank

When the topic of upgrading your flooring becomes more than a passive wish, it’s critical that you do your research on what flooring you want to install. Each floor will give your home a different feel, and a new floor should last you a long time. Vinyl plank flooring is an Edmonton classic; if you are considering this flooring, read on to learn about the things Ashley Fine Floors thinks you should know about vinyl plank flooring in Edmonton first.

Hide Dirt and Grime

Vinyl plank flooring is topped with a glossy sheen that hides the presence of dirt and grime that would otherwise lead to the appearance of discolouration on the floor. For people who don’t have time to wash their floors each night, this can be a great option. Especially in entrances or high-traffic areas, vinyl plank flooring can hide the daily effects of Edmonton winters and springs between washes. If you have pets, kids, or find yourself dragging in a lot of dirt, vinyl flooring may be right for you. 

Water Resistant

While not completely waterproof, vinyl planks are coated with a water-resistant finish. For new homes, flooring will usually settle and shift after construction, but vinyl plank flooring helps Edmonton homes settle nicely without causing gaps in the flooring for water to leak through. Talk to one of our knowledgeable staff at Ashley Fine Floors in Edmonton about vinyl plank flooring to learn more about what rooms this type of flooring fits best in.

No Waxing Required

Some floors require the occasional wax, which can be time-consuming and costly for the average Edmonton homeowner. Vinyl plank flooring, on the other hand, needs only sweeping and a wet mop thrown over it every now and again to keep it looking great! No soap-based detergents, wax, or abrasive cleaners are needed for this flooring.

A Natural Sound Barrier

Not only is this flooring softer on the joints and on the feet, it also creates a natural cushion to other sounds. Maybe you can hear everything your teenagers living in the basement talk about, maybe you want to insulate from the condo below you. Covering your Edmonton bedroom in vinyl plank flooring can reduce the amount of noise travelling to other floors of the building.

Affordable Prices and Quick Installation

Ceramic, hardwood and stone flooring are often expensive and time-consuming to install. Luckily, Ashley Fine Floors in Edmonton carries vinyl plank flooring that imitates the look of those expensive floors without the same price tag. Our team are fluent at working with vinyl planks, reducing unnecessary install times. Your vinyl plank flooring could be installed in your Edmonton home quickly.

Pick Your New Flooring At Ashley Fine Floors

Ashley Fine Floors is proud to carry various styles of flooring. We have been in the business of renovating floors for over 25 years: we have lots of experience with every situation.

If you’re not sure what flooring works best for you, contact us or use our free virtual room visualizer. We would love to help!