Your Flooring Deserves An Upgrade

by | Feb 28, 2022 | Home Tips, Luxury Vinyl Tile, Vinyl Plank

Upgrading your flooring doesn’t have to mean dealing with the headaches of lengthy installation, worrying about the cost of purchasing expensive tiles and constant maintenance repairs. As one of the most popular options in the industry, Vinyl flooring is an excellent alternative to other, more expensive options such as hardwood, as it maintains a realistic appearance AND saves on your budget. While hardwood needs continuous maintenance to preserve its durability, vinyl flooring can last a long time with minimal care required to prevent premature ageing and damage. Below, we’ll take a closer look at why you should consider vinyl for your next flooring project!

3 Reasons to Consider Vinyl Flooring:

  1. Long-term solution
  2. Mimics hardwood flooring with a fraction of the cost
  3. Custom designs and projects

Long Term Solution

Installing vinyl flooring rids you of yearly upkeep headaches and saves you time in the long run. The tiles are made of fibreglass and coated with PVC vinyl and plasticizer, then are topped with layers of protection that allow your flooring to stay crisp clean for more extended periods.

The protective layers are great for easy and quick upkeep of your flooring without the need of hiring an expert or buying expensive products to maintain the overall appearance. With vinyl flooring, you can seamlessly upgrade your flooring.

Everything – Resistant 

The best feature about vinyl flooring is the fact that it is virtually resistant to almost everything. Unlike hardwood floors, you no longer need to add any extra layers of protection with vinyl flooring; you can mop up any fluid spill easily without fearing long-term damage to the flooring, no matter how long it sits there.

The existing layers of protection make the flooring water-resistant and commonly used in areas prone to fluid overflows, such as the kitchen, bathroom and front porch. Your flooring is also stain-resistant as the vinyl tiles and planks are less likely to absorb stains and can be cleaned in a matter of seconds.

The days of spending hours in the cold cleaning your hardwood floors to avoid stains are way behind you! Even though our Edmontonian weather can be harsh, vinyl flooring can withstand the rain, snow and mud if necessary. One quick mop and all is clean. How easy is that?!

Your Own Custom Design

Vinyl flooring not only comes in several different designs and colours, but it is also effortless to shape. You can simply use a utility knife to shape the flooring to your desired dimensions. A variety of vinyl tiles can be found here, and vinyl planks can be found here.

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