Things to Consider when Choosing New Flooring

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Flooring General, Hardwood, Home Tips

When it comes to flooring, there are a lot of different factors to consider, from where it’s going to what it’s made of. Choosing the right flooring can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, flooring can be a fun and exciting experience, one where you can create a whole new feel for a space and make an investment into your future. If you’re looking for new flooring, here are some tips to help make the decision-making process much easier.

  1. Set a Budget

The first thing anyone needs to do is set a budget. You do this before you’ve looked at different flooring types, before you’ve priced out installers, maybe even before you’ve decided you need new flooring. Without a carefully planned budget, your flooring experience can, and most likely will, go off the rails. The reason being that flooring can get very expensive very quickly, so it’s important to know your financial limits. Be realistic with your budget and available funds before you head out looking at new floors. That way, you can be happy with the final product without worrying about your financial future.

  1. Think About the Space

Different flooring works best in different spaces, and different spaces have different demands on your flooring. A kitchen, for example, needs to be durable and easy-to-clean because it’s a place with lots of messes and lots of traffic. Bathrooms need to be waterproof and tactile because the floors experience a lot of water and a lot of people stepping onto those same wet floors. When looking at flooring, it’s important to balance the right look with the needs of the space, and never compromise on the practical in favour of an aesthetic choice. The best flooring for you will balance both, and it’s sure to be around if you’re willing to have patience and take the time to look.

  1. Get the Right Look

While aesthetics aren’t as important as practical qualities, that doesn’t mean your floors can’t look good. When you’re hunting around for new flooring, be sure to think about what you want the space to look like, either as it is or with future renovation projects in mind. A beautiful white carpet may match your furniture now, for example, but if you’re getting a new couch, it’s best to think about what carpet will look best. The same goes for kitchen flooring and appliances, and bedrooms and bedroom sets. Finding something that’s complementary and beautiful will be a fun way to think about how your space looks, now and into the future.

When it comes to floors, there’s a lot of things to consider, but that doesn’t mean the experience has to be overwhelming. Be sure to think about your budget first, then your practical needs. Finally, be sure to get something that looks great. It may seem like a balancing act, but our flooring experts at Ashley Fine Floors can help you pick the perfect flooring for your budget and vision.