Ashley Fine Floors is Edmonton’s Premier Flooring Service

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Ashley Fine Floors is a family-owned and operated flooring contractor with a proven history of flooring in Edmonton for over 30 years. As Edmonton’s premier flooring service, Ashley Fine Floors has built its foundation on a legacy of trust, reliability, excellence, and a promise to always put your needs first. Here’s how we’ve been able to stay ahead of our competition and provide flooring services for homes and buildings across this great city.

Commitment to Greatness

Here at Ashley Fine Floors, we have always been committed to greatness. Whether it’s a focus on installing gorgeous new hardwood floors for a residential home in Chappelle Gardens or putting the finishing touches on a luxury vinyl flooring unit in a downtown high-rise, Ashley Fine Floors has always taken pride in giving you high-quality flooring that complements your space to your specifications.

We know your floor is an essential part of your home, and we work hard to make sure we meet your expectations with floors that beautify your space and keep that brand new look for years to come.

Excellence in Service

The Ashley Fine Floors team of reliable professionals is here for you and all your needs. With our consultants, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Our consultants have been an important part of our 30+ years of success and have carried customers through countless consultations. They listen to you, they care about you, and they know our products inside and out.

When it comes to excellent service, Ashley Fine Floors prides itself on the satisfaction of our customers. We share your vision of a great space, and the best part is we are 100% there each step of the way to make sure it happens.

A Vision of Supporting Canadian Business

Supporting and working with Canadian suppliers is important to everyone at Ashley Fine Floors. We are proud to be working with suppliers from across the country, many of which are based right here in Edmonton, to bring quality flooring to you, our customer. Uniquely Canadian flooring is a key feature of our business and a huge part of our DNA.

Our Canadian suppliers represent our shared goal: to bring quality flooring to your Canadian home or business. We are proud to bring their fantastic products to you.

Great Quality Guarantee

Everything we do starts with our dedication to great quality, and for over 30 years, Ashley Fine Floors has kept our promise. We guarantee that your floors will not only look exceptional but will continue to look brand new for years to come!

Our products are top-tier and arrive in our showroom from reliable and seasoned suppliers who know the value of high-standard flooring. We make sure that your installation is made with attention to detail and to your specifications.

Whether you are looking for service for your home or are interested in revamping a commercial building or space, our floors will take your vision and make it real.

Choose Ashley Fine Floors

Are you looking for a flooring contractor that knows what they’re doing and can meet you in your vision to revamp your home or building? Ashley Fine Floors is the solution for you. We are here, and we are committed to your vision.

Our strong legacy of servicing Edmonton helps us understand your needs better. Visit us at our Ashley Fine Floors showroom to get to know us and our products better.