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Ready to bring vinyl flooring to your commercial renovation plans? Ashley Fine Floors is here to provide you with the necessary information you need to make vinyl floors the easiest choice. With their variety of styles and their extreme durability, vinyl floors are easily the best fit for any updates you might be taking on for your commercial building. Keep reading to learn more about Ashley Fine Floors’ selection of vinyl flooring.

Impressive Price Tag

Are you tired of paying top dollar for your flooring? Vinyl tile saves you from breaking the bank! The best part is you don’t have to compromise on any of the features you are looking for.

Vinyl flooring is cost-effective and comes at a price point that many customers love. Renovations on a commercial space can be expensive, and investing in vinyl flooring can help keep your reno under budget and on track.

You can also enjoy the likeness of hardwood, marble, herringbone or other pricier flooring with vinyl! This flooring solution is able to mimic other, more expensive floors so that you can get the same look for less than half of the cost in some cases. Why compromise on your ideal floor for your space? With vinyl floors, you never have to.

Easy to Clean

Forget about dealing with hard-to-clean floors that damage easily and leave you regretting your choices. Vinyl flooring is effortless to clean and can handle a deep clean once a month, if necessary. If your space experiences heavy foot traffic, you can trust that your vinyl will hold up against damaging elements that are common in many commercial spaces.

For day-to-day grime, a simple sweeping or spot mopping can do the trick. A quick and simple clean will wash away any dirt that may build up if left too long. With vinyl flooring, keeping your space looking professional is as easy as using the basic cleaning routine so that you don’t have to deal with build-up later down the line.

Moisture and Scratch Resistant

Durability is an essential feature of vinyl flooring. Customers like you love vinyl for its ability to take on any difficult challenges without damage. Vinyl floors are especially great for areas with high foot traffic where scratches and wet shoes may be an issue.

Since vinyl floors are made with scratch and moisture resistant material, they last an extremely long time without taking on too much damage. With vinyl flooring, you get the promise of a flooring solution that will last longer and maintain its quality throughout the years so that you can save money on replacement costs.

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